Favorite Adoption Books For Children

We are often asked what some of our favorite adoption books are for children. We are happy to give you some recommendations.

ABC, Adoption & Me

child’s review: “Most adoption books only talk about the good part of adoption. ABC shows adoption from the kid’s side.” ABC, Adoption & Me expresses their complicated feelings in a way that makes them feel normal and which makes it easy for them to discuss with their families.  Includes a parent guide. ABC, Adoption & Me celebrates the blessing of family and addresses the problematic issues as well. Exuberant, multicultural illustrations depict a wide range of families.

Henrietta Hexagon and the Triangles

As an infant, Henrietta Hexagon was left alone in a shape sorter with no one to care for her. She was found and adopted by a family of triangles. She loves her family more than anything, but she can’t seem to get past the feeling that she doesn’t quite fit in. One warm spring morning, Henrietta goes outside searching for hexagons. She does manage to find one, but in doing so, she finds herself in a very sticky situation. She heads back home feeling down and defeated, but when she arrives, everything changes!


How I Became A Big Brother

How I Became A Big Brother is a children’s book that explains adoption to young children. It is a simple story of how a little boy who doesn’t have any siblings suddenly becomes a big brother to an adopted child. The story is told from the toddler’s point of view and touches on many of the concerns and fears that a child might be experiencing when their family decides to adopt. This book is a must-read for anyone considering adoption of another child when they already have young children.

Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born

Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born is a unique celebration of the love and joy an adopted child creates for a family.

In asking her parents to tell her again about the night of her birth, a young girl relives a cherished tale she knows by heart. Focusing on the significance of family and love, this is a unique and beautiful story about adoption and the importance of a loving family.

I Don’t Have Your Eyes

Family connections are essential to children as they begin to find their place in the world. For adopted children and children in foster care or kinship placements, celebrating the differences within their families and the similarities that connect them is the foundation for belonging.

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