Adoption is a lifelong journey, and so is adoption education.  We've written these posts to help you along your way.  Please enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Adoption Stories

After Two Years, They Found Their Son

Hunter was three months old when Cody and Samantha learned of his birth. Carefully, they read the email describing the…
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14-year-old Chooses Open Adoption, Finds Peace At the Beach

Jada will always be this little girl’s mother. Jada will always have a connection to this little girl. This little…
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Wendi Didn’t Want Jessica to Ever Regret Her Decision

Jessica lied to her mother and the rest of her family. She had been hiding her pregnancy; however, this deception…
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14-Year Old Mother Fights With Her Mom

Jada was still a year away from being a freshman in high school when she got pregnant. Even though her…
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Twin’s Death Resulted in Emergency C-Section

“You’re here,” Shanice whispered when she woke after surgery. “You’re really here.” “I opened my eyes, and I saw Jodie,”…
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Recent Placement–Stork Situation

Guest writer Paul C We came across Heart to Heart thanks to the adoption consultant we were working with in…
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Will a Child Fit in Your Schedule? One Mother’s Story.

The light on my office phone was blinking. I could see the annoying notification through the window as I tried…
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