Can You Love Any Child? Premature or Older.

Pregnancy is hard.

Pregnancy is scary.

Giving your baby to another mother to raise is heart-wrenching. Especially heart-wrenching when the baby is only two pounds and will need extensive medical care. These two mothers are willing to deal with the stresses and struggles which come with helping Malachi grow and flourish.

Born at only two pounds, Malachi has spent the last two weeks hearing his adoptive mother speak to him. He is learning about this new environment.

“He has found love in his pacifier as of last weekend,” Jessica said.

Premature infants are fragile and take special care.

That is why we need adoptive families who are willing to be flexible.

“I’m not just giving away my baby,” Shayme, a birth mother, said about a child she was placing for adoption. “I have spent a lot of time talking to God about where this child should go. I want parents who will love him no matter who he grows up to be—a rock star, a nerd, an athletic, or just a nice guy who hates both sports and loud music.”

Just to be clear, the birth mother who talked about giving up her baby is not Malachi’s birth mother, but she had the same feelings as the woman who bravely gave birth way too early.

Both of these mothers want a family that will be flexible.

“We don’t know who this baby will grow up to be,” Shayme continued. “I want parents who will laugh when my child does something unexpected. I don’t want them saying, ‘We don’t like him being like that.’ They should want him to be who he is.”

In the last month at Heart to Heart, we have placed little Malachi, but we have also had a situation where two toddlers have needed to find a more permanent home.

We have been blessed with adoptive families ready and willing to accept the challenges that come with parenting an older child.

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