Birth Mothers, How Do You Choose an Agency?

Birth Mothers!!

If you need help through your pregnancy and the adoption process, you will want to choose an adoption agency that gives you that support and an agency that is compliant with state regulations.

Here are a few suggestions on choosing the right agency.

–Ask the agency if there is an on-staff attorney licensed by the State Bar.

–Ask what kind of relationship the agency has with the Department of Social Services.

–You may need an agency that gives you housing, medical, and financial help.

–You may also find comfort in having some free counseling services.

–Ask the agency what kind of counseling services they offer.

Are these free for birth parents? What qualifications do the counselors have? Does the counseling extend beyond relinquishment?


Agency Staff

Straightforward, comfortable, honest communication is essential. You need to know that you can reach someone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for any emergency.

Adopting Parents

–How will the adopting parents be chosen?

  • Do you get to review profiles of various families?
  • Do you get to interview and speak with the families?
  • Can you have the kind of contact you want with the potential adoptive parents?

You have decided you will give your baby to another person to raise.

–You have a right to choose the communication method, frequency, and type.

–You have the right to a detailed explanation about the screening procedures each of these adoptive families goes through before they are approved as candidates to become parents.

–Is the agency going to help you have the kind of relationship you want with the adoptive parents?

–Do you want an open adoption?

–How will the agency facilitate this choice?

Make sure you have answers to all your questions. 

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