thank you notes

Birth Mom Experiences

Birth moms often write us to say thank you or to share their experience with other women who may be struggling with the decision to adopt or to work with Heart to Heart Adoptions. 

We've shared those experiences and thank yous here. Please know that it's natural to be scared right now. The women you'll hear from below know that all too well. But they also know that there is life on the other side of this experience. It's sometimes difficult to see past what's happening right now.

Our hope is that the stories and comments below will help you.

When I arrived in Utah, I was scared and unsure of what to expect. I was approached by a warm friendly face at the bag claim. Her name was Jessica. From that day on I was sure that my stay would be an unforgettable one. I loved my apartment, the scenery, and as well as the attentive workers that Heart to Heart has. I know my decision was a proactive one, thanks to the support and love I received from everyone I met. I feel as if I have made lifetime friends.

Heart to Heart is a wonderful program in every way. I have grown very close to the women and will miss them very much. Talking with the adoptive family they have also enjoyed working with Heart to Heart. Thanks for a wonderful experience.

Heart to Heart is a very nice and comfortable experience. They also make things feel alot better emotionally and welcoming. I could not have asked for more than what they had to offer. So I would say 100% good experience. Thank’s alot, Rachel.

I have loved being at Heart to Heart. Jessica has been my rock through the whole experience. She has been so sweet and so helpful and responds right away whenever I needed to talk or needed anything. Mandy has been an awesome babysitter. She was great with my daughter. I never worried about her when she was in her care. The lunch with my adoptive family was great. It was nice to meet them in person and talk and get to know each other better. The apartment was beyond my wildest dreams. It was beautiful and clean and safe. My experience was great, everyone helped and touched me in so many ways. I went from saying I could never see or hold the baby to being able to numerous times and walking away feeling happy and content with my decision and that is all thanks to everyone here for all their help and support, love and care. Thank you all so much. I couldn’t have done this with out everyone here.

I had the best time in Utah, the case manager and counselor were the best ever, much support for me. This delivery was not bad, actually it was the best, no labor pains and it was early so I feel my stay was excellent.

I’ve had the most wonderful experience with Heart to Heart. Sondra, Rebecca and Rachel were some of the best people I’ve ever come across. They answered all of my questions, they were helpful, kind, polite, and very knowledgeable about their profession. If I had to refer someone who is in the same situation as me, I would definitely recommend Heart to Heart, a wonderful organization.

This venture has given me time to reflect on what’s important, as well as allowed me to get some much needed rest. The entire Heart to Heart staff has been supportive and kind. The decision to adopt was what was best for me and my baby and I’m eternally grateful to Heart to Heart for making my experience a safe and comfortable one.

Although placing my baby for adoption was the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to do, Heart to Heart Adoptions made the experience much more comfortable for me. The care and support that I’ve had from the entire staff was so amazing. Heart to Heart adoptions was like the family that I’ve never had. From the very first phone call that I made until the day I said Goodbye, I’ve felt so much love and support from the entire staff.

My experience with Heart to Heart has been like no other. I have come to love and cherish everyone that I have come in contact with at this agency. (Which is almost everyone who works there). I went through a pretty traumatic experience with the first family. After finding out that I had given birth to a beautiful little boy (expecting a girl), but everyone was and still is so supportive and compassionate and helped me through the process of finding a different – more perfect family.

I’ve heard of a place down South called “Save a Life” that phrase truly describes Heart to Heart because they truly saved me and my two year old son’s life!! To all the girls out there who are scared and alone and know they can’t handle a baby or can give a baby what him or her deserves or what you want them to have, this is God showing you the way out, and you will truly, like me, be in a place of paradise with Heart to Heart.