Ask For the Kind of Help You Need

Ask for angels to help you.

If you believe in God or if you believe in angels, then you must believe that they would want to help you.

We ask for divine help every day.

We take seriously the work we do in assisting families.

This doesn’t mean we don’t have struggles. The struggles make us strong. The struggles help us understand others.

We hope you pray for us. We hope you pray for yourself and for the ability to know what the right decisions are.

We hope you ask for angels to help you.

When a woman comes to us and says she, “Want to give up my baby,” or “Want to give away my baby,” we suggest we don’t want her to feel this way.

We are more interested in her feeling like she is creating a plan for her child. This plan might include parenting. This plan might include an open adoption. This plan might include a semi-open adoption.

We ask for help in “placing the baby” in the best situation.

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