Are You Ready for the Unexpected? Preemies, Twins, Toddlers

NICU Baby Needs Parents–

Little Baby Victor has gained nearly three pounds since his birth when he weighed one pound nine ounces. Delivered at 24 weeks and six days, he received ventilator support, and his need for oxygen is decreasing. Heart to Heart is looking for a faith-filled mother and father who are willing to invite Victor into their hearts.

Accurately predicting Victor’s future is difficult. A child born this early may manifest mild to severe learning disabilities, and/or cerebral palsy, or he may grow up with no delays.

We do know he is at the point in his development that an hour of skin-to-skin contact would be beneficial.

Are You Ready for the Unexpected? These are some of our recent situations:


Victor is the fifth premature baby Heart to Heart has helped to find a loving home. Getting a precise prognosis for any premature child is difficult. It takes a unique and caring family to raise such a special child.

Fragile infants

Sometimes Heart to Heart has mothers who struggle with addictions or other illnesses.

These babies vary significantly in their prognosis. Heart to Heart looks for families who

are open to a variety of situations.


Typically, we help birth mothers through their pregnancies and place newborns.

Since January we have placed eight toddlers. We are grateful to have found adoptive

families who were open to taking these older children into their homes.


Also in 2021, we have placed three sets of twins. We need families who are capable of caring for multiples or sibling groups.

More than ever, we need potential adoptive parents who are flexible.

Birth mothers,

we are here for you and will find the perfect family for your child–one who is aware of your child’s individual needs and your post-adoption desires.

Flexible adoptive parents,

being open to different situations may give you more opportunities to expand your family.

To start an application go to Heart to Heart Adoptions

A birth mother who is ready to “give my baby away” needs to be secure in her decision. 

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  1. Jennifer M Paczkowski on July 8, 2021 at 6:14 pm

    Hi Lisa and Darla.

    Walter and I would def be interested in parenting twins – and a toddler if health was ok ( considering that they already are at toddler age I’d think it would be safe to say things would be good) – possibly a premie also – we pray daily and nightly for a baby or a child to welcome into our homes for us and Emma thanks again it makes my heart so happy to see these children being placed with loving families.

    Jenn Paczkowski
    315-391-3365 xoxo

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