Why Parents Adopt

There are endless reasons why people decide to adopt children over having their own biological babies. Whether a person is married or unmarried, the simple desire to have a family of their own often leads people to consider the adoption process. Many of these people are not able to have a natural family via traditional reproduction methods. Whether someone is single, married or in a same-sex relationship, there are many reasons to consider adoption. Many parents adopt for the following reasons:

  • Infertility – One of the leading reasons for adoption is related to a couple’s infertility. Whether both parties suffer from infertility, the male has low sperm count function or the woman’s eggs cannot be fertilized, adoption offers couples suffering from infertility the ability to start their own families. People can be born infertile or develop fertility issues during the course of their lives. In some cases, bacteria, illnesses and treatments, such as chemotherapy, can render men and women infertile. Some women suffer from immunological issues, which cause the body to expel the embryo. Infertility treatments are often extremely expensive and only 30- to 35-percent of women under the age of 35 years ultimately become pregnant through this process. As women age, their chances of getting pregnant dramatically decrease.
  • Benefiting the Greater Good – Some people adopt children even if they are both fertile. Many couples see children needing good homes and feel as though they are benefiting the world by providing a loving, nurturing environment for these innocent children.
  • Second Marriages – Some couples are older when they get married, perhaps embarking on a second marriage due to divorce or spousal death. Just because genetics and age can dictate a healthy pregnancy, doesn’t mean these couples should forgo their desires for a family of their own. Adoption gives these couples the opportunity to adopt a healthy baby, no matter the age at which they are ready to settle down.
  • Legal Responsibilities – Perhaps a relative has passed away and he/she leaves behind a beloved child. Wanting to keep the child in the family, many relatives find themselves opening their arms and warmly adopting the child into their families. This is also especially true of siblings, as many times courts cannot keep siblings together unless an adoptive family wants to adopt multiple children.
  • Disasters – During times of disasters, humankind bans together. If a natural disaster has left children parentless, many couples will rise to the occasion and adopt them.

Heart to Heart is a Utah adoption agency that specializes in both private adoption and open adoption. They work with birthmothers that are experiencing unplanned pregnancies, striving to match prospective adoptive families with these mothers’ wishes, desires and needs.

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