Tips for Adoptive Parents

Some adoptive parents spend years on lengthy waiting lists, only to be disappointed by birth mothers changing their minds, complicated paperwork or other unfortunate issues that arise.

This article serves to provide adoption tips that will help prospective parents navigate through the adoption process and into starting their own families.

  • Patience – The saying that patience is a virtue, which is valuable advice when adoptive parents have been on an adoption waiting list. Most experts advise prospective adoptive parents keep themselves busy, go on vacation or do all the things that become more difficult once parenthood sets in.
  • Education is Key – If adoptive parents are adopting an older infant, toddler or child, it is advisable they do their research. Speaking to birth parents, foster parents or orphanages can provide a wealth of information. What is the child’s favorite game? Does the child have a favorite food? What will help the child adjust well and feel at home?
  • Simplicity – Unless an adoptive family is bringing home a newborn, it is advisable that the child’s room be simple, calming and not over stimulating. Remember, this child is entering a foreign home and adoptive parents want him/her to feel safe and secure.
  • Birth Parents – If adoptive parents are in touch with the birth parents, create an evolving relationship. Sensitivity towards the birth parents transition is also recommended, but adoptive parents should remember they are parenting their adoptive child, not the adoptive child’s parents. Heart to Heart Utah adoption can help recommend healthy boundaries for birth parents and adoptive parents.
  • Support Systems – Remember, adoptive parents are learning the parenting process as they go along, and they may have been notified the adoption was completed at the last minute. A healthy support system of family and friends is beneficial during this transition period into parenthood.

Heart to Heart is a Utah adoption agency that specializes in providing both private adoption and open adoption. Their process is simple: adoptive parents need to complete an application, home study material and a detailed profile, which will be viewable to birth mothers.

This adoption agency does set aside strict requirements for adoptive parents, helping ensure that children are placed in nurturing and loving homes. Prospective parents should be in excellent mental and physical health. Couples should be married for two years, although they do accept some individual adoptions. They require sufficient income, no criminal background, no domestic violence history, no drug or alcohol abuse and health insurance and adoptive parents must be between the ages of 23 and 50 years old.


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