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Loving a child is loving a child whether that child is adopted or biological.

However -

Adoption adds another layer to parenting.

And -

Open adoption adds yet another layer to parenting.

And -

Transracial adoption adds yet another layer.


Navigating these layers can be exhausting, confusing, exhilarating, rewarding, exciting, fulfilling, stressful, and countless other emotions —primarily positive — occasionally overwhelming.

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Open adoptions provides children with an opportunity to understand their biological culture.

This also allows adoptive parents a chance to understand others better.

Incredible things happen in your brain when you immerse yourself in others.

Climb Out of Your Mental Rut

Exposing ourselves to new beliefs andperspectives--provided by an open adoption-- helps us climb out of our mental rut.

This allows us to be more tolerant and open todifferences. Having a basic understanding ofothers increases sensitivity towards the subtletiesof interacting. What a great advantage this gives usas individuals and a world.

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Conflicting Emotions Are Common

When my oldest child checked her oversized bag at the Delta counter and then glibly waved goodbye, I waved back, watched her walk through security, and then allowed tears to roll slowly down my cheeks.

My grief over her leaving was as intense as my joy at seeing her go. 

This is not a comparison to adoption. It’s just an example of how we, as human beings, can have conflicting emotions. 

Your adopted children can be happy with their lives and still be upset about losing their biological family.


Keep in Mind:

-They can be happy.

-They can love you.

-They can be grieving.

-They can be angry you're not their biological parent.

However, the most well-adjusted and happiest adoptees are the one who feel free to process their losses. 

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