Incompetency–There’s No Room For Incompetency in Adoption

Look closely.

Look very closely.

Where is the band-aid?

Where is the injection site?

This is the definition of incompetency.

Some medical professional not only chose a childish band-aid but then slapped the band-aid on the woman’s arm two inches below the shot.

This is not the kind of incompetency we expect to expose you and your unborn baby to.

At Heart to Heart, when mothers come in and say they want to “give up their baby,” the first thing we say, is “We don’t give up on a baby. We will find a perfect placement for your child.”

We will find individuals who are very competent in their abilities to find what you need

We are always grateful for those wonderful birth mothers who didn’t “Give up their child.” But found a competent spot to “Place the baby.”

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