Heart to Heart: Providing Services to Birthmothers

Services to Birth MothersHeart to Heart is a Utah adoption agency that works with birthmothers who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Heart to Heart strives to help birthmothers make the most out of their situations, helping provide placement for their babies, while offering a wide array of services to birthmothers.

  • Heart to Heart has on-staff counselors that help birthmothers both during and after their pregnancies.
  • They offer the utmost in confidentiality, ensuring that if a birthmother wants a private adoption, her records will remain sealed and closed.
  • They offer financial assistance for the pregnancy, including assistance after adoption placement.
  • Temporary relocation and housing in the Utah area is available, if needed, as is transportation.
  • If a birthmother has other children, childcare will be provided for her other children during the delivery.
  • Emotional support both during the labor and delivery process is given to birthmothers.
  • Heart to Heart does not utilize any foster care services and specializes in direct adoption placement.
  • They allow birthmothers to participate in the process of interviewing prospective adoptive families.
  • Birthmothers have the option to select closed, open or semi-open adoptions.
  • If a birthmother chooses to have an open or semi-open adoption, Heart to Heart will help facilitate contact after adoptive family placement.
  • They offer GED courses for expectant mothers.
  • They offer activities that allow birthmothers to interact with one another.
  • Heart to Heart will help provide much-needed financial support for birthmothers, including, but not limited to housing, rent, utility bills, phone bills, medical costs, groceries, household supplies, clothing, travel costs and adoption legal fees. They offer two different apartment communities, which include walk-in closets, balcony views, modern kitchens, appliances, a heated swimming pool and a fitness center.
  • Each birthmother is assigned an individual case manager that is always available.
  • Grief counseling is available for mothers that require additional support after the adoption process is complete.
  • Mental health counseling is provided.
  • Heart to Heart will arrange travel to and from Utah, if required for birthmothers.

With personal counselors assigned to each birthmother, Heart to Heart offers the necessary support to address each individual adoption process. They strive to offer whatever level of support is needed for each individual case. Birthmothers are never obligated to select adoption and all of these services are complimentary – meaning completely free of charge.

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