Economic Effect on Adoptions

Adoption Costs - Utah Adoption AssistanceAs the economic decline in the U.S. remains in full throttle, local adoptions are decreasing nationwide. Many states have reduced adoption subsidies, which causes an undue hardship on families.

No one can help but notice the state of our nation, as every news channel mentions buzz words and phrases, such as “fiscal cliff,” “downturn,” “tax increases,” etc. In a time of uncertainty, this scares many Americans. More Americans are finding themselves unemployed, their 401(K) balances far from their high of more than a decade ago. This leaves many facing uncertainty, especially when related to adopting a child.

As surveys and statistics show, more than half of Americans have been forced to reconsider their adoption plans, with most citing money woes as their primary concern. In fact, this wasn’t the path these prospective parents envisioned, but one that has been handed to them. Many found themselves saving money in hopes of adopting a child, only to find those funds were necessary when faced with losing one’s job, paying necessary bills and even keeping them from entering foreclosure.

Now, more than one-third of prospective adoptive families are faced with reconsidering their intended route. For people that were looking into international adoptions, with the recent political turmoil and gridlock between nations, foreign adoptions have become severely limited. With more political stumbling blocks in place than ever before, Americans are finding that Vietnam, Guatemala and Russia have closed U.S. adoptions and the wait to adopt in China exceeds three years. The upside of this dismal news is that more Americans are taking advantage of domestic adoption process, adopting U.S. children.

Domestic adoptions are generally more flexible and tend to offer less expensive alternatives to foreign adoptions. Surveys show that nearly one-third of U.S. families are matched with their adoptive child a month or less prior to the birthmother’s due date. Nineteen-percent are matched after birth, which affords less medical expenses for the birthmothers related to the delivery, newborn care, etc.

For people looking to adopt older children, foster care is an excellent alternative. Not only are the costs even less when associated with adoption, but many states offer reimbursement for expenses and ongoing subsidies.

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