Adoption is a lifelong journey, and so is adoption education.  We've written these posts to help you along your way.  Please enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comments section.


Birth Mother Crochets For Herself, Her Baby, and Etsy

Salena* has learned to surround herself with soft yarn. Weaving a blanket out of chucky, cotton thread for her son…
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Favorite Adoption Books For Children

We are often asked what some of our favorite adoption books are for children. We are happy to give you…
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Adopting Toddlers–Expect the Unexpected

The behavior of newborns, whether through adoption or birth, follows an expected pattern. They cry when they are hungry or…
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Bradley and Amanda

Welcomed a beautiful baby boy in Michigan.
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Birth Mothers, What are You Like?

What are birth mothers like? Birth mothers, what are you like? There is absolutely no way to answer those two…
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Adoption is Not Babysitting

“Don’t you feel like you are always babysitting?” Rosemary asked as she more securely bundled up the child she gave…
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Secret Keeping is a Recipe for Disaster

Not many generations ago, adoption was secret and often considered shameful for both the birth mother and the adoptive child.…
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