Adoption is a lifelong journey, and so is adoption education.  We've written these posts to help you along your way.  Please enjoy, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Adoption Videos

Grown Adoptees Write Letters to Future Generation of Adoptees

As a grown adult having experienced being placed for adoption, what would you say to future generations of adopted children?…
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New Youtube Series Sets Out to Challenge Stigma of Adoptee Experience

“There’s a stigma to adoption and I think as a whole the adoptive community wants to break down that stigma,”…
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Tim, Amber and Big Sister Thank Their Birth Mother

This is the perfect way for adoptive parents to show thanks to birth mothers. Tim and Amber used the acronym…
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A Young Birthmother’s Difficult Decision To Place Her Baby For Adoption

 “I placed this creature in the hands of people I knew would love him the way that I would and…
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Adoption of Ethiopian Boy Highlights Why LOVE Makes A Family

Anyone who is part of a loving family may not realize what a blessing they have. This story about Anwar,…
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