June 7, 2013
Baby's feet on mothers hands. Horizontal Shot.

Who Should You Listen To About Adoption?

It often seems as if everyone suddenly becomes an “adoption expert” when they find out that you are planning to adopt. But what advice can you […]
May 29, 2013
Tax Refund

Bills Introduced in Congress to Make the Adoption Tax Credit Refundable

Just before Memorial Day weekend, bills to make the adoption tax credit refundable were introduced in the Senate and the House. In the Senate, the Adoption Tax […]
January 30, 2016
As the brother and sister grew older then knew better how to deal with passive racism. Read their full story here.

Misconception About Bi-racial Families

Anyone who has raised a child has wished there was a manual and a step-by-step instruction sheet for the process.  Luckily, the memory you have of […]
January 14, 2016
By the time your child is old enough to take a trip with friends, he or she will have heard a lot.

Inter-racial Adoptions Provide a Few Surprises

When our first baby was bundled up and handed to us, I held her tight and knew our love would protect her from any racial bias […]
October 21, 2015
Adam & Kristina

Adoptive Family Orientation

Please join us for our Orientation Meeting in Sandy, Utah on Saturday, March 5, 2016 at 9-12pm.  For more information contact
July 29, 2015

Are You Ready to Adopt?

The decision to start a family is significant for any couple or individual to make, and if you are unable to have your own children and […]
July 26, 2015

4 Challenges Adoptive Parents Often Face

Being a parent is a complicated job, and one that comes with a lot of responsibility. Beyond just caring for your child’s physical needs, you have […]
July 14, 2015

Places to Find Support During the Adoption Process

When you make the decision to adopt—to bring a child into your family—it’s a big step. For many couples or individuals, this is the culmination of […]
July 3, 2015

Preparing for an Adoption Home Study

For any couple planning to become parents through adoption, a home study is an essential part of the process. Some people are a little unsure about […]
June 30, 2015

Common Myths (and Truths) About Adoption

Whether you are a family who is considering adoption, someone who is thinking about putting your baby up for adoption, or have friends and family who […]
June 17, 2015

4 Signs of an Exceptional Adoption Agency

When you are ready to add a child to your family through adoption it’s an exciting time, but too often future parents jump into the process […]
June 9, 2015

Talking to Adopted and Biological Children About Adoption

Whether you have an adoption child now, or you are considering adding an adopted child to your existing family, it’s important to know how to discuss […]
June 1, 2015

Open or Closed Adoptions: The Benefits of Each

The decision to adopt a child or to give up a child for adoption often brings with it a myriad of other decisions, including whether you […]
December 1, 2014

Transracial Adoptee Takes A Different Approach at a Portland Ferguson Protest

The courage this youngster showed is something all of us can learn from. A photographer captured this moment as a Portland police officer on duty behind […]
November 26, 2014

The Ignored Argument When Discussing Abortion

The subject of abortion is very much a hot button topic in the United States. While there are valid points on both sides of the board, […]
November 24, 2014

16 Things You’ll Learn as an Adoptive Family – Buzzfeed

This recent post on Buzzfeed is right on in many ways for so many adoptive families. Read through this list and see which ones you’ve learned […]
November 24, 2014

Adoption – Are You Prepared For the Teen Years?

What parent looks forward to the teen years? Many parents simply dread it. The mood swings and mess of raging hormones. What’s worse is that the […]
November 20, 2014

Finding Joy – Our Search For My Son’s Birth Mom

Ours was a closed adoption.  We were first foster parents for our little 5-week-old boy, knowing he may soon become adoptable.  His birth mother was placing […]
November 19, 2014

New York Couple Creates Hope For Families Looking to Adopt

New Yorker Becky Fawcett considers her infertility a blessing, but it wasn’t always the case.
November 17, 2014

Australia Legislative Councillor Pushing for Incentives for Adoption over Abortion

In politics, the question over adoption over abortion is rarely, if ever,  brought up. Logically, you would think more politicians would push the idea of placing […]

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