We understand that you have a million emotions that you are experiencing right now. Fear, worry, sadness may be a few... you may feel like you don't have any choices left. We have met and helped many women that are in very similar situations, along with some very unique ones too. Whatever you are feeling, whatever your situation, we want to help you understand what choices you do have, and counsel with you to find the one that's right for you. We never push, we never manipulate, only listen, guide and counsel.

Heart to Heart Adoptions is amazing. Everything went truly amazing, especially once I got here to Utah.  This was a once in a lifetime experience, and I couldn’t have asked for a better chance. The support and love I felt is beyond any words.  Heart to Heart has been so helpful and supportive, most importantly, the support and love I felt from my Case Manager, Sharyn.  She was so great to me.  I feel honored to be a birth mother through Heart to Heart Adoptions.  I am a single mother to two children already.  I knew that Adoption was the best option for my third child.  The best part about placing my son was that I knew Heart to Heart gave me an extended family.  I may not parent my child, but they gave me the chance to love and be a part of a brand-new family.  I feel so blessed to have placed my son.  The signing of his papers with Bonnie, the social worker, went so peacefully. 

 Thank you, Heart to Heart for all you have done, including giving my birth son the best mom and dad a little boy could hope for.  I’m leaving Utah tomorrow and I feel so relieved and happy that everything will be okay.

- Nina