Should I choose adoption?

Should I choose adoption?

There are many reasons why you might find yourself in this position, but the question now is, what am I going to do, and how am I going to make the best decision for me and my baby?

Common Reasons Why You May Choose Adoption

  • You want a family that is stable and able to provide the child with resources and opportunities.
  • You want a two parent family.
  • You are not financially able to parent and financial assistance isn’t enough.
  • You feel that you are not emotionally equipped to parent this child.CHoosing Adoption - Utah Adoption Agency
  • You don’t have a relationship with the father of the baby, and not enough support from family/friends to parent on your own.
  • You want to choose the adoptive family and participate in the child’s future.
  • You want to complete your education and pursue other life goals.

Many birthparents choose to place their baby for adoption after carefully considering the best interests of that child. Start by asking yourself the question,

Am I Ready to parent this child?

  • Am I able to give this child what they will need to thrive in this world?
  • Who can I count on for support? Who will be there for me? Will I be alone?
  • Can I afford to support this child? Can I pay for basic needs, housing, clothes, food, or diapers?
  • Do I have a job or the income to financially support my baby?
  • Can I keep the baby safe and healthy? Provide stability?
  • What do I want to achieve in my life? What are my life’s goals?
  • How will the baby affect my future plans?
  • Am I willing to make sacrifices and make adjustments to raise my child?
  • Am I emotionally stable?
  • Can I put the needs of the baby first?
  • Is my life already out of control? Am I able to adequately parent the children currently in my home?
  • Will I be bringing a baby into a healthy, living situation?

If you have answered “no” to some of the above questions, you may want to consider adoption.

Where Do I Start? You Decide…

  • Open, semi-open, or closed
  • The Adoptive Family
  • If you want to spend time with the baby
  • If you want to meet and visit with the family
  • How much involvement you want in naming the baby

Where Do I Find Answers?

Heart to Heart Adoptions has experienced professional staff who can answer all of your adoption questions. Learning about placing your baby for adoption is as easy as calling our 24 hour toll free support 1-877-624-3278 (1-877-62-HEART). If you’d like to read about common questions other birth moms have asked, you can visit our common adoption questions page.

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 What Other Birth Mothers Say About Heart to Heart Adoptions?


Heart to Heart Adoptions works with birth mothers from all over the United States. We are known for our professional and experienced staff who work with birth moms with love and understanding through the entire pregnancy and adoption process. We know that placing your baby for adoption is a very emotional decision. We provide you with the counseling and support you need to feel good about each decision you make. You can feel confident when working with us knowing that your best interest is our top priority.  Read what some of our recent birth mothers have said about placing their baby for adoption through our agency:

Our experience with Heart to Heart was wonderful. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They made every effort to make sure our needs and wants were taken care of. My husband and our two sons felt as if they were welcomed and at home. I recommend Heart to Heart Adoption services because they have birth parents’ best interest in mind and heart. — Chiquita
My experience has been great. They are very supportive when you need them and they make you feel super comfortable. I wish other agencies were like this but I’m thankful to come in contact with Heart to Heart.— Monica
Everyone at Heart to Heart has been more than helpful, very nice and extremely supportive during this entire process. Not only are they professional with their work but they are fun to be around and easy to relate to. I would absolutely recommend working with Heart to Heart to anyone considering adoption. No matter what background you come from or whatever situation you are in I’m confident they can make the best of the most difficult situation. Jessica and Julie have been amazing! —Bianca

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