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If we were given only one word to describe Heart to Heart and its staff we’d use the term remarkable. We don’t typically write reviews. However, in this case we felt it was important to do so as a way of expressing our gratitude to H2H and as a way of letting others know what to expect in their future dealing with the agency.

I doubt that we’d have been able to complete an interstate adoption if it were not for H2H. That isn’t to say that there are no other reputable agencies in the U.S. I am just not sure that any other organization would have had just the right amount of professionalism, patience, and compassion which gave us the peace of mind needed to launch us into the risk filled world of adoption.

Based on the fact that our home state’s regulations made things a bit complicated we were very concerned that things might not work out well. No adoptive family wants to be matched with a child that in the end they will not be allowed to parent forever. The professional methods that H2H employed to jump the legal hurdles were impressive. In addition, they expressed true compassion when they clearly explained their plans to rectify the situation as they assuaged our fears. Most importantly the genuine care and concern for the well-being of our amazing birth mom was obvious and real.

The bottom line is this—Heart to Heart isn’t just an agency. It is a team of caring professionals who are dedicated to doing right by birth moms, adoptive families, and babies. They really care about children. They advocate for the one person in the adoption triad that is the most vulnerable, the baby.

As I write, our 4 day old son is napping. All of the time, effort, energy and love directed to putting him into our arms will never be forgotten. Heart to Heart is truly remarkable.

Thank you Heart to Heart!

Nick & Nicole – Adopted in 2011

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Adoptive Family Services

Adoptive Family Services
We know it can be difficult to make the decision to adopt and then find an agency you feel at home with. At Heart to Heart you will find a partner with compassion and experience, that will provide you with advice and assistance through every step of the adoption process.

The adoptive family department will serve as your advocate and guide throughout your application, matching, and placement.

Adoption is a lifelong decision for everyone, the birth family, the child, and the adoptive family. You can trust that Heart to Heart Adoptions have experienced and understanding staff.

Many have adopted children and have work in the adoption field for many years. They will support you through the psychological, emotional, and financial process. We encourage you discuss any questions or concerns you have with this team of knowledgeable staff. Heart to Heart Adoptions focuses mainly on infant adoptions.

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