I have loved being at Heart to Heart. Jessica has been my rock through the whole experience. She has been so sweet and so helpful and responds right away whenever I needed to talk or needed anything. Mandy has been an awesome babysitter. She was great with my daughter. I never worried about her when she was in her care. (more…)

Kate – Jan 2011

Meet Our Staff

Orientation Meeting

Join us for next Adoptive Family ORIENTATION in Utah on
March 9, 2013
9am to 1pm
Refreshments will be provided.
This Orientation will cover what to expect from our agency,
will give you a chance to talk with birthmoms that are placing children for adoption, as well as hear the stories of other adoptive families.
It also gives us a chance to get to know you.


The Call. You Know The One…THE Call.

Are there certain things you wish you'd known before you received The Call?
No matter how long a family has been waiting, when they finally receive The Call, their homes inevitably look like the departure scene in one of our favorite movies, "Home Alone". Most people are usually rushing around, missing things, but usually not people. So if your journey begins early, consider having a plan!


Same Family…Different Stories

Families with more than one adopted child obviously have children with different stories about how they joined the family. There are families who have of both biological ...


It Happened. Again.

Ok Parents: Gear up. It happened again.

As parents of adopted children, we are aware that eventually questions will arise with our children regarding where they came from and why....


Where’s the Handbook? Manual of Directions? Guidelines?

There isn't one! There aren't guidelines for learning how to instill pride in a child who has been adopted transracially.

When my husband, Mat, and I first looked into adoption, we were laser focused on how to adopt a baby rather than how to parent a child who would create our transracial family. We read everything we could find about successfully adopting, and spoke to anyone we could on the subject. We had dear friends who had adopted transracially, and were aware of some of the challenges that would arise, but less aware on how to tackle them. ...


The Dreaded False Start

This is one of those delicate and uncomfortable subjects to address: a failed placement. Those of us who are adoptive parents know - the light at the end of the tunnel is totally worth it - parenthood! But the journey is filled with twists and turns, and, possibly, a major detour. The bad news: sometimes a family is matched with a birthmother who decides not to place her baby with them - or even not at all. The good news: almost every prospective parent who faces such challenges goes on to adopt. And these parents say they ended up with the child who was “meant to be” theirs. Here are a few ideas about what you might expect and how you might lessen your risk of an unsuccessful adoption and how to move toward your ultimate goal - parenthood.


Questions? We are here to help!