16 Things You’ll Learn as an Adoptive Family – Buzzfeed

This recent post on Buzzfeed is right on in many ways for so many adoptive families. Read through this list and see which ones you’ve learned through adopting:

  1. You will stress out.

  2. You will never forget “the call.”

  3. You will know what a “real mom” or a “real dad” is.

  4. You will feel a unique kinship to other adoptive families.

  5. When you adopt transracially, you do not become the parents of a minority child. You become an interracial family.

  6. You will become a conspicuous family.

  7. You will field all kinds of stupid questions.

  8. You will be a regular family.

  9. You can save a child once. After that, it’s called parenting.

  10. You will be appointed weird hero narratives.

  11. You will be the poster child for adoption education

  12. You will value the experiences of adult adoptees.

  13. You will think about adoption always and never.

  14. You will be open to talking with your child about hard things.

  15. You will understand that personality is determined by DNA, but character is determined by nurture.

  16. You will strengthen your conviction that every child deserves the love of a family.

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