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Whether you are interested in placing your child in an adoptive family or adding an adopted child to your existing family, let Heart To Heart Adoptions help you with the adoption process.

It's that time of the year when we prepare for Christmas. Each year we provide Christmas gifts for 10 to 25 birth mothers and their children. To do this we rely upon you for support.

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Finding Joy – Our Search For My Son’s Birth Mom

Ours was a closed adoption.  We were first foster parents for our little 5-week-old boy, knowing he may soon become adoptable.  His birth mother was placing him for adoption, but the government of Guam was intent on finding someone within his extended family to adopt him.  Read More...

New York Couple Creates Hope For Families Looking to Adopt

New Yorker Becky Fawcett considers her infertility a blessing, but it wasn’t always the case. Read More...


I’ve had a lot of support finding the perfect family for my son. Telling my family was very difficult and they didn’t take it very well, but through it all, I knew I had Debi and Rachel there to help me through. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, everyone who’s helped has gone above and beyond.


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Australia Legislative Councillor Pushing for Incentives for Adoption over Abortion

In politics, the question over adoption over abortion is rarely, if ever,  brought up. Logically... See more details
Should the World Follow China and Limit Population Growth?

Yahoo published this article titled: "7 billion and counting: Should the world adopt a 'one-child'... See more details