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Whether you are interested in placing your child in an adoptive family or adding an adopted child to your existing family, let Heart To Heart Adoptions help you with the adoption process.

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Our passion for helping parents find alternatives to abortion and assisting people who wish to adopt a child are the reasons we do what we do.

When you find yourself in an unexpected pregnancy, we are here to help you give your child the right opportunities and support for their needs. When we work with you to help find alternatives to abortion, it also helps loving and caring adoptive parents find new babies to provide care and a loving home for.

We know that adoption is a wonderful option to satisfy the unique needs of birth parents and adoptive families. Sometimes the process can become overly complicated, which is why we strive to help both parties overcome all the challenges that may come along.

Our unwavering commitment is to help unite families with birth mothers and eliminate difficulties in the adoption procedure by closely guiding you from start to finish.

Why Heart to Heart?

Heart to Heart Adoptions is experienced in helping families through the adoption process. We believe that most baby placement assistance centers and agencies in the country either lack services to cover the needs of both the birth parents and adoptive families, or do not provide them in the most effective way. We want to change that by offering assistance and guidance on all aspects of the process for both parties involved.

We provide financial aid for unexpected pregnancy, a national network of prospective adoptive parents, counseling, training, and much more.

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Explore our site to discover what makes our process different and how we can help make the adoption process a hassle-free experience. Feel free to contact us with your inquiries and concerns.


  • We loved all the staff we worked with and our birth mother felt the same way. Keep up the good work. You all do a fantastic job!!
  • We have recommended Heart to Heart to several families. We were most impressed with how quickly we were placed.
  • If we were given only one word to describe Heart to Heart and its staff we’d use the term remarkable. We don’t typically write reviews. However, in this case we felt it was important to do so as a way of expressing our gratitude to H2H and as a way of letting others know what to expect in their future dealing with the agency. (more…)
  • At this moment I'm at peace, happy with the decision I've made for my son and myself. The adoptive parents are really a blessing and that makes me feel comfortable with the decision I've made. Jessica, Patti, Michelle, Julie and Rebecca - words cannot express my love and feelings I have for them. I worked with a phenomenal team. Wouldn't change a thing. I feel like we all have become family. Don't know what I'm going to do without them. I love you guys. Blessed - I am.
  • My experience has been great. They are very supportive when you need them and they make you feel super comfortable. I wish other agencies were like this but I'm thankful to come in contact with Heart to Heart.

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